Precisievoeding en duurzame pluimveehouderij

From an economic, environmental, welfare and social perspective, the demand for the optimized feeding of farm animals is becoming more important. At present, poultry are still herd-fed. Feeding systems that give poultry a choice of several feeds, or systems that can feed poultry individually should be a thing of the future, as they can play a part in a more efficient use of raw materials and less discharge into the environment. In addition, critical use of materials is also part of optimal feeding. Highlighted is the use of new protein sources, such as insects and upgraded wastes from traditional horticultural and arable farming and from human consumption.

Tailor-made feeding

How can we transform from herd-feeding into individual feeding? We treat chickens as if they were the same, but physiologically there are vast differences. To begin with, there are differences in body weight between animals of the same breed and same age. There are differences between animals in feed intake and the corresponding intake of nutrients, and in growth and egg production. We need to adopt individual feeding systems like those used for cows and pigs.

Technological development

What should a feeding system look like that feeds poultry based on individual needs? In the optimal situation, each chicken is offered feed that best meets their needs. This requires a whole new way of feeding. In addition, feeding systems will need input on which needs it can be based. Body weight, growth, egg production and feed intake capacity are logical parameters with which needs can be determined, but maybe more parameters are necessary to determine the exact needs and to compensate for day-to-day differences.

New protein sources

Which uncommon high-protein raw materials and new protein sources can be used in poultry feed and in which quantities? The cultivation and growing of new protein sources is currently being developed, as is the extraction of proteins from residual (waste) flow. In order to use these protein sources in poultry feed, it is important to know what the effects are on the production, health and welfare of the animals. In addition, the use of these new protein sources must be economically viable for poultry farmers.

Poultry Star Foundation

The Poultry Star Foundation was founded on the 14th of February 2019 on the occasion of the inauguration of Laura Star, professor of Precision Feeding and Sustainable Poultry Farming. This foundation focuses on encouraging young poultry professionals to develop themselves as much as possible and to orientate for jobs in poultry farming.

Connection with education

  • The organization of the symposium ‘Pronken met Pluimvee’ (translation: showing off your poultry) for students.
  • Setting up an insect breeding unit for students.


  • RAAK-mkb Circular Chicken
  • PPS To control coccidiosis
  • H2020 Code ReFarm
  • KIEM-2019 Stress-free transportation of one-day-old chickens
  • KIEM-2019 Nitrogen reduction in manure via insects