Blad paars met waterdruppels

Position: PhD Candidate
Professorship: Urban Food Issues
Social media: LinkedIn

About Anna Roodhof

Anna Roodhof is a PhD candidate who studies economic and social opportunities for food forests in the Netherlands. Her interest in food forests came about during her MSc internship that she did at the Nationale Monitoringsprogramma Voedselbossen (NMVB), an organisation that carries out scientific research on theories around food forests. There she researched the socioeconomic value of food forests in the Netherlands. She is interested in qualitative methodology and positions herself as part of the reality that she is trying to establish. She uses various publications on economies and practice theory, in order to bring to light what was previously hidden, using a thick description.

Anna completed her MSc in International Development Studies with a specialisation in Sociology of Development at Wageningen UR. She obtained her BA in Liberal Arts and Science with the focus on Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology at the University College Roosevelt of Utrecht University.