Full time master programme Agribusiness development Aeres university of applied sciences

Sinah: "I did not only grow intellectually but also personally and emotionally"

"When I finished my bachelor study International Food Business at Aeres University of Applied Sciences, I would like to study a master programme. Because I was always highly pleased about how Aeres University is combining international business topics with the food industry in a very modern way, I chose the Master Agribusiness Development. As my family has a foodbusiness background, I am familiar with and interested in the food business. I liked the idea of connecting the dots of what I had learnt before and going deeper in many interesting topics from the food business industry. I really liked that this master was a dual master programme, which allowed us students to work next to our classes and therefore get an insight into the ‘real world’.

By writing a professional thesis about the influences of husbandry systems on pork meat quality at the slaughterhouse “Brand Qualitätsfleisch GmbH” in Lohne, Germany, I was able to develop some very valuable connections to many interesting people in the (pork) meat sector worldwide. My classmates and I had a very nice and close relationship and I think that everyone did definitely benefit from the greatly mixed group of international students. We did not only learn about new business subjects and topics in the international food industry, but we also learnt a lot about each other, cultural communication and adapting to different situations. This is why I think that during this time, every one of us grew not only intellectually but also personally and emotionally.

After finishing my study, I started a sales traineeship at Metro Deutschland GmbH (Makro in the Netherlands), which is one of the leading businesses within the wholesale sector worldwide. The traineeship was preparing me for a job as an operations manager at Metro. Finishing the trainee programme after one and a half years, I became operations manager in the Metro store in Mülheim an der Ruhr, which was the first Metro/Makro store worldwide. After almost a year, I moved to the Metro flagship store in Düsseldorf. I am really enjoying my job here and I am very excited for my future at Metro Deutschland GmbH."

Alumnus Master Agribusiness Development

Alumnus Gautier Bohissou tells about his study

"After finishing my master’s in marketing I was looking for a study programme in the field of agribusiness that will combine both theory and practice. I did my internship at fresh fruits company named Camposol Fresh BV in their sales department. Camposol Fresh is the trading office in Europe (mother company Camposol SA based in Peru). My assignment was mainly to support the sales departments, support them with the company data analysis and commercial performance, weekly collection data and analysis on European fresh fruits market, also research on option for Camposol to extend their avocado season through procurement. Also, preparation of commercial meetings with clients (marketing).

The study was very interesting, challenging, intense, full of learning both theoretical and practical, and very structured. Small group of students with very accessible and opened lecturers in a very nice and cozy facility, well equipped. The part of the study that appealed to me the most is the practical aspect where we must work in an agribusiness company. This gives you the opportunity to see and experience the theories we were taught. I also liked the excursions to other companies.

The main advantage of this masters’s programme for me is its practical aspect where you spend more time in a master company than in the university, because this is where you learn more about agribusiness. Also, the programme last only one year instead of 2 like any other regular master. In one year, you have a master degree ánd close a year work experience.

There were 11 students from 3 different continents and from 8 countries. It was a great opportunity for me to learn about their culture and the reality of agribusiness in their countries. It was also an opportunity for me to increase my experience with them. I was very enriching socially to study with people from different countries. I am now still working for the same company Camposol Fresh BV, they have offered me a job after my master, I am now their Operations Coordinator in the Supply Chaim Department."

Alumnus Master Agribusiness Development