Smart Green Cities

Cities and their environments are changeable. These constant changes pose a number of challenges. This demands an adaptive approach. During this programme, you will learn how cities can adapt their organizational setup and their processes to these changes. These may be demographic changes, but also climate changes or energy issues.

Not only will you learn to make forecasts, but also to act, making strategic use of the available data and . You will gain insight in the development of cities and urban processes. In doing so, you will gain knowledge not only of social, but also of physical geographical and climate factors. And you will learn to convert all this information into powerful visualizations, interactive maps and apps. You will become aware of the trends in graphic design and new media, and learn how to use these technologies to inform and advise your audience.

Option 1 - Urban Green Development & Applied Geo Media and Design

Module 1: Urban Green Development

In this module we will be looking at trends in urban development, planning and the resilience of cities.

Module 2: Applied Geo Media and Design

This module explores the synthesis of Geo Media and Design.

Option 2 - Growing Green Cities & Smart and Circular Regions

Module 1: Growing Green Cities

  • Assessment
  • Feeding cities
  • Greening and energizing cities
  • Making cities healthier
  • Training network & stakeholder management

Module 2: Smart and Circular Regions 

  • Big data analysis in the city
  • Different flows around the metabolism of the city and optimizing these flows to create a more smart and circular system/city