International Poultry Management nieuw

Module 1: Advisor Poultry Production

For a solid background in giving advice, you will gain knowledge on poultry nutrition, poultry genetics, poultry health and current issues.

  • Assessment and learning tasks: Developing a quick-scan and advisory report. Giving written and oral advice on tactical management.
  • Poultry genetics: Analyzing poultry farms and advising farmers about their genetic plans. Predicting the effect of breeding decisions. Explaining the application of genomic selection. Calculating the heritability of traits and reliability of breeding values. Explaining the effects of inbreeding and cross-breeding.
  • Poultry nutrition: Analyzing poultry farms and advising farmers about animal nutrition. Explaining the relation between feedstuffs and digestibility, feed intake, animal health and production. Explaining the metabolic transition from feed into animal products. Evaluating feedstuffs and their nutritional value related to utilization by the animal. Critically analyzing the ration of different animal categories. Explaining the relation between animal nutrition and nutrition related diseases.
  • Poultry health: Analyzing poultry farms on factors responsible for the occurrence of farm-related diseases and advising on preventive measures. Analyzing poultry farms on factors responsible for the occurrence of infectious and parasitic diseases and advising on preventive measures. Explaining the mechanism of antibiotic resistance and advising on measures to reduce the use of antibiotics.
  • Sector development: Explaining recent global developments in the poultry farming sector. Discussing current issues in the poultry farm sector with stakeholders. Judging the feasibility of innovations in the poultry sector.
  • Advisory training: Giving oral advice to poultry farmers using appropriate advisory techniques. Giving specific advice to farmers.

Module 2: International Entrepreneurship

In this module you will learn to develop new ideas, explore the possibilities for improvement of farm management and develop new ideas for farm development. You will gain knowledge on farm economics, strategic management, marketing and sales, world agricultural policy, HRM and international livestock production.

This module covers the following subjects:

  • Assessment and learning tasks: Analyzing financial and technical data of poultry farms from actual year reports. Developing strategic business plans. Giving written and oral advice on strategical farm management.
  • Farm economics: Reading financial year reports of farms. Analyzing the financial situation of livestock production farms. Advising farmers on farm development, based on key process indicators (KPI).
  • Strategic management: Developing views on the sector, based on found historic developments and using appropriate strategic analysis techniques
  • Marketing and sales training: Writing marketing plans and giving sales talks.
  • World agricultural policy: Using knowledge of EU-agricultural policy in planning mid and long term farm development.
  • Human resource management: Planning and managing human resources on animal production farms.
  • International livestock production: Analyzing and explaining worldwide developments in the livestock production sector.