Students from Aeres University of Applied Sciences practice class at horse stables at Aeres Farms

Advanced International Equine Entrepreneurship & International Business and Strategy

Module 1: Advanced International Equine Entrepreneurship

In this module you will learn how to understand, analyze and develop a new equine business.

  • Proof of proficiency
  • Sales management: You will learn how to make a sales plan and how to give a sales pitch. You will also learn to focus on strategic and operational aspects of sales management. And you will know how to coach and motivate a sales team, sales skills and sales leadership.
  • Creativity and Innovation management: You will be able to explain how modelling can be used to create innovative strategies based on internal and external analysis in an intercultural context. You will be able to use creative processes to develop innovations.
  • Equine entrepreneurship: You will learn about the influence of sustainability on ‘equine’ businesses, related to aspects of the circular economy. You will be able to introduce sustainable aspects to new business possibilities of an equine company. You will understand and be able to describe the operational processes of goods and services, and the concept of productivity and how this is enhanced. You will understand how to approach projects and how to link global developments in operations management to the innovative strategic choices a company in international equine business can make. You will be able to prepare balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and cash flow statements, analyze financial statements and give an underpinned opinion on the importance of accounting conventions recording to new business possibilities of an equine company. You will be able to understand how new business models, such as CANVAS, work and how these can be applied to equine business practice.
  • Report Writing & Presentation Skills: You will be able to write and structure reports according to academic standards according to APA style, as well as present information from reports in an official and academic way.

Module 2: International Business and Strategy

In this module you will learn how to develop a strategy for a business in the equine sector.

  • Strategy and Change management: You will learn methods to analyze the strategic position of a company. You will learn how to make strategic choices and organize new strategies.
  • International Business: You will develop competencies to analyze the environment of international business. You will obtain competencies in order to assess opportunities in the global market and will learn to develop a successful strategy for international businesses. You will learn how to organize transportation and deliver customs documents for international businesses.
  • Financial Management 2: You will learn to draw up budgets and make reliable cost calculations for an organization. You will learn how to analyze financial information.
  • Human resource Management: You will learn the role and importance of human resource management in organizations and will learn to define the major HRM activities. This course covers the subjects of recruitment, selection, training, retention and motivation, and the importance of HRM in the ever-changing work environment.