Bachelor Plant production Aeres university of applied sciences

First semester in Dronten

Module 1: International Strategic Innovation in Horticulture

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation competencies
  • Learning skills to apply knowledge of high-tech plant production systems, financial management, and strategic product and business management
  • Practical assignments, including a practicum, on high-tech plant production systems.
  • Assessment: writing a strategic business plan for a horticultural company

Module 2: International Plant Production Systems

Lessons and practical training in:

  • high-tech plant production systems
  • product quality and postharvest
  • crop management and labour organization
  • Assessment: You will design a plan with international aspects and give oral and written advise. This includes professional communication with a grower, gathering and analysing data and formulate advice which are consistent with the objectives of the grower. 

Module 3: Applied research

  • Knowledge on research methodology and statistics
  • Preparation for your graduation project research in the second year of this programme

Second semester in Angers

  • Studying: genotyping, genetics, crop protection and plant pathology<
  • Excursions to various companies in the region

Last semester

  • Company placement: a full-time traineeship in a middle management position
  • Thesis: proof of scientific and academic expertise through conducting research, writing and defending an Ingenieur thesis relevant to the sector

Whole study period

  • Personal development
  • Managing competences
  • Ethics