Bachelor Livestock production Aeres university of applied sciences

The Livestock Production programme is built up of three semesters and encompasses various projects, a farm placement, a full-time traineeship and a thesis.

First semester in Dronten

At the beginning of the first semester, you will choose the field of study that you wish to specialize in: Dairy Farming, Pig Farming or Poultry Farming. Your choice will determine which two modules you will be taking this semester. Each module centres around a practical case that involves communicating professionally with a farmer, gathering and analyzing farm data and formulating advice that is consistent with this farmer’s objectives. The modules conclude with an advisory meeting with the farmer, in which you will present your advice in the form of a strategic advisory report.

Seeing that we at Aeres UAS focus not only on practical and theoretical knowledge, but on personal growth as well, we will reflect on your development an prepare you for your professional life in what we call APL4iL sessions.

Read more about the fields of interest below:

Second semester in Angers

In the second semester, your studies will take place at our partner-organization ESA Groupe in Angers, France. Here you will work on a team project and follow specialization courses. You will have ample opportunity to put your knowledge and skills into practice in a farm placement.

Last semester: Traineeship and thesis

This last semester consists of two larger units. In the first unit, you will go on a full-time traineeship in a middle management position at a company. The other unit involves giving proof of scientific and academic expertise by conducting research, and writing and defending an Ingenieur thesis relevant to the sector.