Bachelor Livestock production Aeres university of applied sciences

Module 1: Poultry specialist and advisor 

The objective of this module is to prepare you for consultancy and advisory work in the poultry farming sector. To this end, you will be given lessons in poultry nutrition, poultry genetics, poultry health and welfare, breeding and feed management, and receive practical training in giving advice.

Module 2: Entrepreneur 

This module concentrates on decision-making as an advisor or an entrepreneur in a complex international agricultural environment. You will learn the competencies necessary for developing ideas and calculating the economic effects of operational, tactical and strategic options for the further development of your farm or that of your clients. In this module you will learn about: farm economics, strategic management, marketing and sales, world agricultural policy, HRM and international livestock production. Also, you will learn to understand global markets and consumer demands and how to deal with cultural differences.