Bachelor International horticulture and management Aeres university of applied sciences

Nathan Hure, alumnus

‘There is a good balance between theoretical and practical courses. We had a lot of courses and projects that related to the implementation of the strategic management of a company on the medium and long term.’

Eva SuĊĦanj

Hello, my name is Eva and I’m from Croatia. Croatia is a country with a lot of soil and opportunities for good agriculture but people don’t have the right amount of knowledge. Because of that I came to the Netherlands to study International Horticulture and Management at Aeres University of Applied Sciences. Studying at Aeres UAS is not just listening in the classes, here you participate in different activities such as company visits where you can learn a lot from the entrepreneurs that are showing you how everything works from beginning till now. Also, throughout the whole study there are multiple group works where you need to think of different solutions to a given problem. Teachers are mentoring and helping you in your studies by giving you articles and leading you through classes. Also, there is a lot of work that you need to do by yourself and I think that is the best way to learn.