Arable farming students from Aeres University of Applied Sciences in field with cabbage

First semester in Dronten: Orientation and Chain Analysis

This semester consists of two minors: International Food Supply Chain Management and Export Management. Here you will carry out several assignments in a context that is adapted to suit your interests. In the first minor, you will focus on your own specialization.

Minor International Food Supply Chain Management

This minor is designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of food supply chains and logistics. In this minor you will not only gain knowledge on the topic, but apply it in the field of logistics in the food industry – for example fish, fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy – as well. During this minor you will learn about:

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Lean Logistics Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Logistics in practice
  • An introduction to the circular economy

Minor Export management

This minor prepares you to function successfully in an international business environment. You will learn about:

  • Writing an Export Plan
  • Export Planning Theory
  • Export Management Simulation
  • Intercultural Management
  • European Trade Policy

Second semester in Angers: Specialization in Agribusiness operations and consultancy

  • Module 1: Business analysis and management
  • Module 2: Human resources management
  • Module 3: Applied marketing
  • Module 4: Financial calculations

Semester 3 in Angers: International Trade and entrepreneurship

  • Module 1: International food trade
  • Module 2: Business operations