Bachelor fulltime study program European Food Business Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere

Juriaan Blommaert, 2nd year student in academic year 2017-2019, Alumnus of 2019

"The past few years, I have observed a large part of the food chain. I have worked abroad and I have cooked at Michelin star level. I graduated in 2010, as an all-round bread and pastry baker, and then went - together with a colleague - to Vietnam for a chocolate decoration company. In that country, we trained Vietnamese employees to become fully fledged chocolate confectioners. This has made me more and more interested in the food chain as a whole, including distribution, manufacturing sustainable products, product development and marketing. As I moved back to the Netherlands after my experience abroad, I decided to take a bachelor programme. The European Food Business programme gives me more insight in the entire food chain and related business aspects. It addresses questions such as ‘Can we make this product ourselves or do we outsource it to a company that already has all required production facilities?’ Perhaps after my graduation, I may start my own pastry business somewhere in the world."