Bachelor fulltime study program European Food Business Aeres University of Applied Sciences Almere

First year - The Netherlands and Italy

Semester 1 Introduction in Italy

In the first semester, you will go on a study trip to Italy, where you will be introduced to different types of regional food production and distribution. Here you will learn how authentic food products are made, you can taste the flavours and experience for yourself why consumers choose these products.

Semester 2 in Almere

  • Food value chains
  • Marketing and communication strategy
  • Online marketing

Second year - The Netherlands and France

Semester 1

  • Food trade and logistics
  • Marketing research and planning

Semester 2 in France

  • Concept and development of regional food products
  • Production methods and management of regional foods
  • Specific food labelling
  • Relation between food production systems and the quality taste of food products
  • Food chemistry

Third year - Italy

  • Management (HRM, leadership, financial business management, e-marketing)
  • Food conservation, production of raw materials, food pricing, catering
  • Food politics and policy
  • Research methods, sensory analysis

Fourth year - The Netherlands

  • Two minors
  • An internship in the country of your choice, with an assignment