Housing in Dronten

When you study in Dronten, you can use one of Aeres UAS own apartments. Each apartment has double and single rooms with shared living room, kitchen, bathroom and other facilities. The rooms are fully furnished with bed, duvet, pillow, desk, desk chair, desk lamp, wardrobe, bookcase, sink and mirror. The apartment is equipped with kitchen utensils, vacuum cleaner, fridge, stove, washing machine and connection for TV. 
On the whole campus you have connection with wireless internet. 
You can choose for a single room or a double room. After you have received admission to study with Aeres university, you will receive permission to start the step ‘housing’ in the application website. In this step you can apply for a room.
The school building is only 2 minutes walking from the apartments. Next to the campus there is a bus connection to the city centre.