Opening 60 years Green Higher Education

60 years of Green Higher Education! A milestone that we will be marking of 14 September, with you. The opening of the academic year will double as the kickoff for our jubilee year.
In 1957 we started with 11 students in a few provisional classrooms in Ede. Now, sixty years on, here we are, with over 2000 students in a splendid building in Dronten. But the basics have not changed over those years. Our Idea has stood the test of time: feet on the ground, work together, together seize the opportunity,

Join the kickoff of our jubilee on Thursday 14 September

In a varied programme, hosted by Art Rooijakkers, we view what was the past, but also what will be the future, your future!
We will welcome you in the university restaurant (De Drieslag 4), from 3.30 pm, the programme starts at 4 pm. We will close the meeting at 5.30 pm with a walking dinner.


If you don’t want to miss out, register in advance.

Thank you for registering before 8 September. See you then!