• What does the course involve?
  • Study tour
  • Professional career
  • Experience report
  • Youth Food Movement
  • Specifications

Year 1 - The Netherlands

Semester 1*

  • Introduction in European Food Business
  • Introduction in business management

Semester 2*

  • Food value chains
  • Marketing- and communication strategy
  • Online (online marketing)

Year 2 - The Netherlands/ France

Semester 1*

  • Food trade & logistics
  • Marketing research and planning

Semester 2* (France)

  • Concept and development of regional food products
  • Production methods and management of regional foods
  • Specific food labelling
  • Relation between food production systems and the quality taste of food products
  • Food chemistry

More information about the university in France: École supérieure d'agriculture d'Angers

Year 3 - Italy 

  • Management (HRM, leadership, financial business management, e-marketing)
  • Food conservation, production of raw materials, food pricing, catering
  • Food politics and policy
  • Research methods, sensory analysis

More information about the university in Italy: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Year 4 - The Netherlands

  • Two minors
  • Graduation internship and graduation assignment (may be undertaken anywhere in the world)

* English language training in both semesters.


High quality education

All study programmes at Aeres University of Applied Sciences are accredited by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation NVAO. In this way, you are ensured of high quality education as measured by international education standards. More informatie you can find on the website of NVAO.


ECT system

All records of modules are administered according to the EC system. After one semester in a course, students’ progress and results are assessed in a meeting of the lecturers teaching and assessing the course. This meeting is meant to identify students with possible progress problems. At the end of the course , students’ progress and results are assessed again. The award of a degree or diploma and pertinent qualification follows the award of all course credits leading to that award. 

Find out more about the ECTS - guide.

Introduction at Italy

In the first semester, you will go to Italy for a study tour where you will be introduced to different types of regional food production and distribution. Here you will learn how authentic food products are made, you can taste the flavours and experience for yourself why consumers choose these products.

During the study European Food Business, you  gain much knowledge about production, processing and marketing of products, but also know how to bring producer and consumer close together. You are deployable inside the (inter-)national food business as well as outside this business, which will definitely increase your employment opportunities.

After graduating European Food Business, your employment opportunities will increase dramatically, not only within the national and international agri-food business, but also in other industries. This could include positions such as:

  • Market Research Manager
  • Distribution and Logistics Manager
  • Corporate Sales Manager
  • Financial Officer
  • International Sales Consultant
  • Policy Analyst
  • International Marketing Manager


Juriaan Blommaert, 2nd year student 

´The European Food Business programme gives me more insight in the entire food chain and related business aspects´

‘The past few years, I have observed a large part of the food chain. I have worked abroad and I have cooked at Michelin star level. I graduated in 2010, as an all-round bread and pastry baker, and then went - together with a colleague - to Vietnam for a chocolate decoration company. In that country, we trained Vietnamese employees to become fully fledged chocolate confectioners. This has made me more and more interested in the food chain as a whole, including distribution, manufacturing sustainable products, product development and marketing. As I moved back to the Netherlands after my experience abroad, I decided to take a bachelor programme. The European Food Business programme gives me more insight in the entire food chain and related business aspects. It addresses questions such as ‘Can we make this product ourselves or do we outsource it to a company that already has all required production facilities?’ Perhaps after my graduation, I may start my own pastry business somewhere in the world.’ 


Aeres University and Youth Food Movement

Programme jointly with Youth Food Movement

The Youth Food Movement (YFM) is engaged in good, clean and fair food. By means of eat-ins, the Food Film Festival, talkshows and the YFM Academy, this movement makes the young conscious of the food choices they make, in a positive and motivating way. Food is often taken for granted, but that is not the way it should be. Contrary to popular belief, food is one of the most complex subjects of our time; it touches all the major social and ecological themes. Contribute, take part. Combine your ideals with science, research and entrepreneurship.

The programme automatically makes you a member of the Youth Food Movement. 

Bachelor programme European Food Business
Title/ Degree  Bachelor of Agribusiness and Business Administration
Faculty  Almere 
Start of programme  September 
Duration of programme  4 years 
Number of credits  240 ECTS 
Type of programme  Full-time 
Language of instruction  English 
Country of study programme  NL, FR, IT 
Internship(s)  yes, 3 
Accrediation  NVAO 
Application deadlines  1 April - NON-EU students 
  1 June - EU students 
Tuition fee 

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