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Aquatic Ecosystem Analysis

The programme focuses on current challenges such as climate change, dealing with stakeholders in nature development projects and on the aspects of the monitoring cycle. You will be trained to develop a professional working method and attitude.

European Food Business

You will study European Food Business together with students from different nationalities and explore how the diversity of food production opportunities within the European Union can be used for larger groups of consumers.

Food Chain Management

Food Value Chains are important because food production is becoming increasingly complicated. In the past, we consumed mainly local food products: the lines were short; we knew how and where the food was produced and we sometimes collected it directly from the farmer himself.

International Agribusiness (EED)

This study in management competencies for the agribusiness sector offers an integration of management in consultancy and decision-making processes and insight into the sector or sub-sector.

International Dairy Management

Dairy farming is changing. Globalization and international trade of dairy products are becoming more common. Production and sales is increasingly international and competitive. The Netherlands plays a leading role in dairy production with its chain approach “from grass to glass”.

International Equine Business Management

Business management subjects make up 70% of the International Equine Business Management course. While horse-related subjects make up the remaining 30%.

International Food Business

The process from farm to fork is a unique and special process. Every year thousands of new products will enter the market and end up in stores all over the world. The food industry is a rapidly changing business climate, forcing companies to meet the constant demands for improvement.

International Horticulture & Management

Agricultural production in Europe faces important challenges on how and where to produce for increasingly demanding consumers and a competitive market. The future managers and advisors in the sector need more than ever first-hand knowledge about innovative techniques in horticulture and plant breeding, and international business management skills.

International Pig Management

The Netherlands, with its value-chain approach, plays a leading role in pig business. There is a considerable impact of consumers on the public debate about types of pig farming and animal welfare.

International Poultry Management

Poultry farming is changing rapidly in a number of directions. Globalization and internationalization of the poultry trade are becoming more common. Working with different cultures, legislation and licenses for selling safe products make for a challenging environment.