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On this page you find more information about the Coronavirus and, more specific, the measures Aeres University of Applied Sciences takes in case of emergency. 

In December 2019 the outbreak of the Coronavirus started in In the Wuhan region in China. Since then it is detected in many countries and measures are taken worldwide to prevent the Coronavirus from further spreading. Aeres University of Applied Sciences is following the national guidelines of the Ministery of Foreign affairs (travel advice) and the RIVM, the national Institute for Public Health and the Environment.  

Measures Aeres University of Applied Sciences

Students and employees who have been to one of the areas where the Corona virus is prevalent (China, South Korea, Iran, Singapore and Northern Italy) and have complaints are advised to stay at home. If the symptoms get worse, contact the doctor by telephone. 

The Coronavirus: contagiousness and symptoms

Patients infected with the novel coronavirus have a fever and respiratory symptoms, such as a cough, shortness of breath and pneumonia. 

To prevent yourself:

  • Wash your hands on a regularly basis
  • Sneeze or cough in your elbow, not in your hands
  • Use paper tissues 

Contact your GP (doctor’s office) if:

  • you’ve developed a fever with respiratory symptoms (coughing or shortness of breath)
  • and recently visited one of the areas the virus has been detected 
    - China (including Hong Kong and Macau)
    - Singapore
    - South Korea
    - Iran
    - Northern Italy
  • or have been in contact with a patient with the coronavirus

DO NOT visit the GP (doctor’s office) but contact them by phone and do and follow their instructions. The International Office can help you in this situation. The national set measure is a 14 days quarantine, which can be spent at home.

For more information:


Travel advice provided by our ministery of foreign affairs is always leading for university staff and students, and is negative for China at the moment. The travel advice has also been updated for parts of Italy. Please keep an eye on the website of our ministery of foreign affairs to see if other countries are added to the list with a negative travel advice (countries will be colored red).

For travel advice: 


Check out the sites mentioned above for more information. 

In case of any specific questions, please contact our International Office: