Arable farming student from Aeres University of Applied Sciences with tomatoes in greenhouse

The Table is Set! Conference on Food Identity and European Cities

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Morning: Interactive presentations

  • From Carrot Stew to Sopropo: The Changing Appetite of Almere
  • What lessons can we learn from cities?
  • Almere as Innovation Lab
  • Unity in diversity: fostering more sustainable territorial food systems through diversification

Afternoon: Workshops

Innovation workshops: Discussing research and cities’ latest trends. Such as:

  • Master Class with Carolyn Steel
  • Cooking demonstration on Sustainable gastronomy and Decolonial Food
  • Aeres Citizen's Lab: How does Sensory experience influence your food behavior?
  • Ecological Footprint calculator: basis for a sustainable future?

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This conference is in collaboration with Aeres University of Applied Sciences.