Support the Aeres International Student Fund

More than one hundred thousand students come to the Netherlands each year to study or to complete a course or training programme. Aeres University of Applied Sciences receives a large number of applications for its international programmes each year. Some are from promising students who lack funding for a study abroad. For these students, Aeres has set up the Aeres International Student Fund (AISF) foundation.

The AISF provides financial support to students from outside the Netherlands who cannot benefit
from any other financial support programmes or grant schemes. Students may apply to the foundation for an AISF grant before they start their studies. This has enabled students from countries such as Kenia, Vietnam, Eritrea, and China to obtain their Bachelor’s degree at Aeres University of Applied Sciences.

For an internationally oriented country like the Netherlands, attracting talented students from abroad is of great importance. With the knowledge, experience and networks that such students
bring with them from their home countries, they strengthen the quality of education in the Netherlands. Dutch students, in turn, benefit from the creation of international classrooms.

The AISF also contributes to the Holland Scholarships for Aeres. These are scholarships from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and 48 Dutch universities and schools of higher education. These scholarships are available for both students from countries outside the EEA who come to the Netherlands and for Dutch students going abroad.

Will you support the AISF too?

With your financial contribution, you sponsor the international development of students. The scholarship for students from countries outside the EEA to complete a study programme in the Netherlands, is €5.000,- per student and is a one-off contribution for a study programme. The contribution for Dutch students going abroad to a country outside the EEA, is €1.250,- and is meant as a one-off contribution to a study programme or traineeship.

Enable talented foreign students study at Aeres University of Applied Sciences or help ambitious Dutch students study or complete a traineeship abroad. This can be done by becoming a permanent sponsor or by making a single donation. We will then engage with you to see what the school can
mean for you. This may include linking a foreign or Dutch student to your company or organisation.

Would you like to know more about the AISF or make a contribution?

Please contact:
Anja Hetsen
International Relations Officer